Alone Somewhere Tonight
Apr 22, 2013
Written by my friend, Dr. Michael Mahan, this is the story of a doctor (Mike) who wishes his life had a few more free moments to share with his wife and family. He loves being a doctor, but he loves being a husband and father too. Doctors don't get much free time...

I helped him flesh-out and record the song a few years ago. Recently, I talked him into sending me some pictures which I have now incorporated into this video for him and his wife.

Best wishes to you and your family, my friend.
Fishin' With Bobby Whitehead
Jan 7, 2013
This song was written for the two best fishing pals a kid could ever have. Robert Vernon Whitehead and Steven Wayne Nellis. We all grew up in the Panama Canal Zone and fished along the banks of the canal, and later in the ocean when we got old enough... like around twelve.

Bobby and I went out about a mile one windy January afternoon in my little tiny 12 foot aluminum boat with a 6 horsepower Johnson and caught mackerels that were schooling in the bay until we ran out of lures. So we ripped our underwear into strips and hung them on the hooks we had left and kept on catching fish.

Bobby and Steve are gone now, but the memories of fishing the La Boca shoreline in Panama will never leave me. All you needed was a fishing pole and a buck. You could buy a whole bag of large shrimp for bait for only 25 cents at the Balboa Yacht Club. Then get a cheese burger and fries with the 75 cents still jingling in your pocket. And we always took fish home to our mothers...

While walking the rocks from La Boca to the yacht club, we'd pull black iguanas out of the boulders and throw them down to the beach, then chase them around with our machetes. They always got away and we'd chase them again going back home.

Life was good in those days. Life was very good in those days. Here's to you, Bobby and Steve !!! I think I'll have a Ron Cortez and coke with a lime from the yard and think of you. You were loved... and still are.

Written in 2010 by Mark Fielding Darden
In My Father's House
Dec 16, 2012
I wrote and recorded this song in 2002 at Fishing Creek Studios in Oxford NC. I have adapted it to this video for a friend who owns a lovely farm here in Granville County NC and is considering selling it. Mary Ellen Yager sings the lead, Kristin Kanady sings soprano, Mick Purdy plays piano, Bill McDonald plays mandolin, Clifton Preddy plays fiddle, and I play the rest. The farm is called Sedgefield Plantation. Hope you like the video. Takes me back to a place where people cared about nature and architecture, as well as flora and fauna. Peace.
Woman Cry
Dec 2, 2012
A song about a young girl trying to find herself as she bathes in the natural rock tidal pool of Gorgona Beach point, Panama. Written in 1972 by Mark Fielding Darden and recorded about the same time by Steve Nellis on a little cassette player. Saved all these years...
Merry Cholo Christmas
Nov 29, 2012
Fun Christmas greeting to all my old Zonian pals and stateside chums as well. Merry Christmas !
Nov 25, 2012
A song about fishing in Panama... and drinkin' beer and chasing girls and playing in the sun at the causeway and swimming and diving and surfing and shark fishing and watching the submarine races and drinkin' beer, oops already said that...
My Bonnie Jean
Nov 19, 2012
My woman being silly. Ain't she cute.
Short promo of Time Machine
Nov 18, 2012
David Gourley, an old guitar wizard pal of mine, put this together for me for fun. Very high quality. Please go listen to Time Machine on this site. David also plays on many of the songs under the album called 'The Forty Fives' on this site. Thanks Dave !!
Fountain Of My Youth
Sep 29, 2011
This song is about my home, Panama. I grew up in an amazing little jungle time-capsule, full of great parents and family, tons of friends, and more water, beaches, mountains, jungle, jeeps, hunting, diving, surfing, fruit, fish, rain, rum and sun than you could buy... even if you were a bazillionaire.

As far as I know, everyone who grew up in the former Panama Canal Zone feels this way. Over the century that we were there, most of the Zonians left never to return. All of us still feel this deep, strange emptiness... as if something were stolen from us. And we are all trying to find it again. Like a river that flows just beneath the surface of everything we do in life. Like a fountain.... a fountain of youth.

The first part of the song speaks to the vast lake, Gatun Lake, where so many of us fished and swam. It feeds the canal, so we were always in close proximity to huge ships as we zipped around in our little boats. Today, it is also now filled with large crocs and caymen that we only saw now and then as kids.

The next part of the song is in Spanish and honors the people and country of Panama. And the last verse tells about life on the incredible beaches and oceans of Panama... waiting on the girls.

Written for all of my friends and family, as a healing of sorts... get a goblet and take a sip...
You Don't Even Know You Don't
Sep 20, 2011
A vision of our future... based on our past. A short trip into eternity. And everyone knows that it's a short trip from the castle to the outhouse. But what many forget is that they put the pawn and the king back in the same box when the game is over.... written by Marco Cholo on guitar and keyboard, with Chris Kisgen on lead guitar and bass. Andi Morgan on screams, moans, and approximated harmonies.

Here are the lyrics. Please read:

You Don't Even Know You Don't

There will come a day in time, when talk is done and sun don't shine
When everybody sees they're blind, when everything is gone
There will be a moment when we all feel like it's the end
Then somebody says, "Hey friend, have you got the time?"

You don't even know you don't
You don't even know… no you don't

There will come a reckoning, when demons come a beckoning
Voices that are heckling are all that you can hear
And there will be an opening in the side of your hoping
Doctors will be groping to save you from your fear

You don't even know you don't
You don't even know… no you don't
You don't even know you don't
You don't even know… no you don't

Yeah, there will come a day in time, when lips don't talk and suns don't shine
When everybody knows it's time, when everybody's done, yeah...

You don't even know you don't
You don't even know… no you don't
You don't even know you don't
You don't even know… no you don't
You don't even know you don't
You don't even know… no you don't

Thanks Chris Kisgen for great lead and collaboration...
© 2008/ Blue Creek Valley Farm/ M. F. Darden
Sold Joe
Sep 19, 2011
Just click on the song and it will explain itself...
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