For Goodness Sake

I wrote this so long ago I cannot remember from whence it came. Probably some girl got me to go to some EST conference and "become" myself.... sitting next to Jerry Garcia who was faking like he wasn't there either...

In any event, the song is pretty good. Very good. Recorded long ago on a four track Teac machine. Me on guitar, drums and cheapo organ, with my old pal Milton Gore on bass. There was little or no "punching in". It was play it right the first time. Very simple yet very deep song. I learn new things about my life each time I hear it...

For the "single cover photo" I used a picture of my daughter having fun. That's a lot of what life is about. Kind of an esoteric picture in that regard. Love isn't looking for people that are sad...

For Goodness Sake

Love isn't just, but love isn't mean
Love is your life, better make the scene
Love isn't right, but love isn't wrong
It's just what's left, when the rest is gone
It can't be stolen, it's always a gift
But you can only find it, just over the cliff
It's an ocean, an endless lake
Learn to swim, For Goodness Sake

Love isn't looking for people that are sad
Fire don't go where it can't burn
Love is a number that always starts with one
Get that straight and then you'll get your turn

We are to living, what a walk is to flight
God is the giving, love is the kite
It's eternal, just like Einstein's light
It permeates the moon the sun the stars the planets
Surrounds the night …

Oh… it goes on and on and on
For Goodness Sake….!!!!

Mark Fielding Darden © 1982 Rooting Star Productions/ Raleigh NC

Recorded in my apartment upstairs before the Choke Monkey Lounge was built in the garage downstairs. I built a "studio" in my kitchen. I put two mattresses on the floor, then built a room around that. Put a little door with duct tape hinges on the room. I recorded drums and everything else in that tiny space. Perhaps 30 songs of mine were recorded there. On the side of the wall opposite the door, I built a rack out of old, heavy oak two by fours I found in the basement of the home. It was the home I was renting at the time on Clark Avenue in Raleigh NC. I wish I had pictures of that. After 25 years of carrying that rack around with me, I finally left it in my old office in Oxford NC when my land business folded in 2013.