Woman Cry 1972

Written and recorded (on ancient equipment) in 1972 as I was leaving the Canal Zone (still singing like a kid).... I always think about the black and gray sands of Gorgona Beach when I hear this song. There was a pool out on the rocky reef point as the beach left Gorgona and headed east towards Malibu and the mountains. In my mind, I saw this waif of a girl trying in so many ways to find herself, swimming in that pool and laying on the sands nearby... She's not quite a mermaid, but she's close. There is a simple sexuality to this song, but it's deeper than that too... every verse has two realities.

This and all the other songs I wrote at this time were recorded by my good friend, Steve Nellis. He never once told me he liked my music or songs, but he made me record them. Only now do I realize that that was how he showed his love for me. Thank you Stephen Wayne Nellis. Rest in peace old friend.

There is also a video of this song on this site.

Woman Cry

Woman cry for the spirit lost

On the sea where you ran

Singing low of a pain that seeps

And sweeps alone on the sand

Lie still, close beside yourself

And soothe your soul with your hands

Sink slow into sleep and calm

And swim back to where you ran

Grasping hands pulling sands

Inward from the child

Foamy fingers linger long

And seek companions in the wild

And seek companions in the wild

© 1972 Rooting Star Production/ Fielding Darden/ 1982 Collected Songs Volume One/ Panama
Recorded on a cassette recorder somewhere in the Panama Canal Zone by Steve Nellis, when we were just kids.