Sold Joe 1978

This song already has a video on this website, so go look at that too if you wish. It's cool. This is the story of me picking up soldiers while they hitch-hiked from town to their military bases here and there in the former Panama Canal Zone. I was always looking for jeep parts. They were always looking for my sisters.

Sold Joe

I'll sell you our soul, I will fill up your whole heart

With the heat of my love

I've done it before, I am good to the Corps

I'm just another Sold Joe on the make

On the take, yeah

My gun is shiny, my helmet is briny

Trust me, I'll protect you

My boots are nice and they will kick for a price

I'm just another Sold Joe on the take

On the make, yeah

(Talking part between Zonian driver and hitch-hiking soldier)

I drive a Deuce-and-a-half, it's a gas

Hey now, don't put me down

I trust in might and that weekend pass

They tell me I'm lucky to be a lifer

© Mark Fielding Darden, August 1978, Raleigh NC

This was originally recorded live in Raleigh with Nevermind, my band at the time. I carried it around in trunks with me for years before deciding to fix it. I then re-mastered it and and added fresh vocals and at least one guitar and bass to bring it back to life.

Dave Gourley, Chris Chamis, and Robert Keeley played on it originally if I recall correctly.