Drawings Paintings Sculptures

Click on each image and read caption.These are things I did in between writing songs. I love art of all kind. You can also read some of my Short Stories under the Songs/Stories menu button. A few of these are even in video under the Video menu button.

Will This Town Survive

These pictures accompany the album by the same name. This CD will be personally hand-delivered by Marco Cholo to you. We will become email friends very soon after that and you will order even more CDs for your special friends.... I kid you not.

Marco Cholo Music Pics

This is a manic collection of photos of me and my music buddies over the years. A few other pics are thrown in here and there too.

Fountain Of My Youth

These are pics that accompany the video of this song on this site. About half the photos from that video are posted here. Go watch the video too. Though recorded in the 80's on old 4 track equipment, the song is pretty good. The memories are even better.

The Forty Fives

These are the covers and liner notes of the 4 records I made back in 1978. The records are almost prehistoric in mix and quality, but so what.
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