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Single: Sold Joe
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Tune Of The Unknown Studi
Released: Jul 2, 2014
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Sold Joe

Liner Notes

 Sold Joe

I wrote this song in 1978, just after I left the Canal Zone. I did not return for 33 years. The song is about picking up a soldier who was hitchhiking along the road from Fort Clayton to Balboa. I picked every hitchhiker up I saw. I would always ask them for jeep parts, and they would always ask me if I had any sisters…

The picture of me in chains was taken while actually singing this song in a dive in Raleigh in 1979 with a band called Nevermind with Dave Gourley on guitar and Robert Keely on Bass. The recording you hear is original though enhanced with modern remixing.

 As a teen I played in a band with GI’s called The Exciters. We played at NCO clubs for many years until the men were deployed to Viet Nam. The war was about over by the time I wrote this song. I remember that one of the soldiers was from Alabama and called Shannon T. Grant. I wonder how many died in the war…


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