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Single: The Moon Rises
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Songs For Steve
Released: Mar 24, 2014
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 The Moon Rises

Liner Notes

The Moon Rises

The moon rises as I sit inside this room

I'm missing the best part of the night

Missing her smiles and glances

One of my few chances

That I'll ever know in this life of mine

The wind's a blowing and throwing leaves around

Taking me with it all along the way

Sometimes it's hard enough to sting my eyes

Then it's nice and cool and I wonder why

Why I am afraid to let things move along

It's getting easier to really want to smile

My eyes are wide and my mouth is full of life

The way changes feel are nicer now

Good or bad, they'll work out somehow

It's not so much to know when you see it's either that or die

The moon rises as I sit here

The best part of the night is coming on

Sitting here feeling it seep on through

Keeping time to the music and laughing with you

© Rooting Star Productions 1971, Mark Fielding Darden
Written in Raleigh NC, recorded by Steve Nellis in Panama 1972
My first year at NC State, trying to work through my first love.

Painting of the horse and moon being used for the cover art was done by my daughter, Matti Darden, when she was about ten years old.

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