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Single: Give Up And Live
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Songs For Steve
Released: Mar 24, 2014
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
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1 Give Up And Live

Liner Notes

While creating this album in Steve's honor, I was searching through old songs. I thought I had found all that were worth saving when I came across this one. It was so overlooked that I had never even written the words down anywhere. Never. Truly lost except for this one recording... and it is a very sweet, tender song. Even the recording was pristine and innocent. Just me and a guitar written and recorded some 40 plus years ago, and today is January 2013. I will turn 60 in a few months. Sooner or later, you've got to give up and live....

Give Up And Live

See the rainfall

Hear the ducks call

Know that this is all

Everything that's here is just what you've made it

All of your life, you've dreamed and created

Sooner or later, you've got to give up and live

Feel that early morning wind bite

Look up through the trees and see the dawn's light

Believe in yourself and know that what's right

Is only what you see when you look hard at yourself

Not a handful of safeties stored on some shelf

We come and we go, and there's no reason to be afraid

So breathe deep and breathe long

Try to play your own song

And don't be afraid to be wrong

Cause sooner or later, we've got to give up and live

Written by Mark Fielding Darden in Raleigh NC in 1971
Recorded by Steve Nellis in 1972 in Panama
(c) 1972 Rooting Star Productions

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