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Single: Sunset Queen
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Out Of Time album
Released: Mar 3, 2014
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Sunset Queen

Liner Notes

Sunset Queen (also on Out Of Time album on this site)

I'm a pretty baby, just checkin' out the scene

Oh oh, I'm a pretty baby and I still look seventeen

When you're a pretty baby, ain't life a piece of cake

Oh so pretty baby, and I'm out here on the shake

I'm a little lady, come on buy this chick a drink

Yeah, I'm a little lady, I won't charge you for the wink

Oh, I'm a little lady and I'm tight as I am mean

Yea, I'm a little lady, I'm the Sunset Queen

The Sunset Queen, yeah I'm the Sunset Queen

Hey big man, let me slip into your car

Yeah, you good lookin, let me push you too far

Let me be your sweet precious, your little jelly bean

Yeah, I'm sweet precious, I'm the Sunset Queen

The Sunset Queen, yeah I'm the Sunset Queen

I'm always there where you can find me

Half the time I'll take the time for free

Without me you'd be lost and lonely

You just don't know the good that I can be

Sunset Queen, yeah baby, Sunset Queen, Yeah yeah come on baby

I'm right here

Right here when the sun goes down

Just like me

Milton Gore on bass. First song I ever used a drum machine on as far as I can recall. I played and sang the rest. This is a very weird, wild song... The idea came to me and I just went with it.

© 1982 Collected Songs, Volume 2/ Rooting Star Prod./ Fielding Darden/ Raleigh, NC

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