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Single: My Little Ukrainian Liar
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Blue Creek Valley Farm
Released: Dec 1, 2012
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 My Little Ukrainian Liar

Liner Notes

Oh boy, this is a good one... written straight out of reality... there are so many FSU (former soviet union) "girls" out there scamming for men that it is just incredible. Don't axe me how I know this to be true... fun short song. Dig it. This song also appears on the album called "Time Machine".


My Little Ukrainian Liar


My Ukrainian girl is a liar

My Ukrainian girl, devil's fire

My little Ukrainian, she's so mean

My Ukrainian girl, Satan's queen


My Ukrainian girl, she's a flake

My little Ukrainian girl, she's a snake


My little Ukrainian, how she strokes

My little Ukrainian girl, she's a hoax

My Ukrainian girl is so cruel

My little Ukrainian girl, she'll die a fool


My Ukrainian girl is a liar

My Ukrainian girl is a bad bad fire

My Ukrainian girl is a scam

My Ukrainian girl is a black sheep lamb

Black sheep black sheep lamb

Gonna be in trouble, deep deep trouble…


© 2009/ Blue Creek Valley Farm/ Mark Fielding Darden

Amazing song. Wild syncopation.  Love the Rickenbacker guitar on this. Also the odd piano "splash" that occurs twice in the song. My son, Zach, came in the room as we were recording and just ran his hands across a live piano as we were recording. Amazingly, the little riff fit in perfectly.

Thanks to Chris Kisgen for lethal Ukrainian guitar leads.

Too bad they didn't lead to non-lethal Ukrainian woman...









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