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Album: Tune Of The Unknown Studio
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Forgotten Studio
Released: Mar 10, 2013
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Maybe Just Maybe
2 His Light Shineth Down From Above
3 Sweet Fish
4 Sold Joe
5 When He Comes

Liner Notes

Believe it or not, I cannot exactly remember where I recorded these songs... I know I was using the Teac 4 Track reel to reel machine that I bought from Pat Crowley. That's the same machine I used to record all the Choke Monkey songs and many of the Boat Rocker songs too. I may have done these when I lived in either Cary NC or Creedmoor NC... I just cannot remember. Some are quite good.

Using the Teac was a real treat. There were no digital recording machines then. I would record a scratch guitar and vocal on one track with a metronome to keep time, then bounce that down to one track. Then I'd record a good guitar, vocal and harmony on the other three tracks, using the bounced three track scratch track as my guide. Then I'd bounce them down on top of the scratch track and lose the scratch track. That left with me with three open tracks. I'd put bass, lead, and harp or another vocal on those. Sometimes I'd just do two more tracks and then bounce them down, leaving two more tracks...

It was quite complicated and you had to really be sure of your bounce-downs because you could not go back and re-do them once you had moved on and covered those with new tracks. You also had to be careful because each time you bounced tracks together, you lost a little sound quality... so you had to mix those first bounces fairly 'hot' so that they would still be up in the mix when you got through recording and bouncing... did you get all that???

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