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Single: I Can't Put My Finger On It
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Choke Monkey Lounge
Released: Feb 17, 2013
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 I Can't Put My Finger On It

Liner Notes

For some reason, we recorded this song with just the instruments, live, in the Choke Monkey Lounge. It was probably a practice take. I have another version of it exactly the same but with a too-low-mixed vocal from that time as well. So I decided to take the instrumental version that we did in the early 80's and re-sing it on Valentine's Day 2013, mixing the vocals up to the right volume in the mix.

I think this is one of the tightest versions of any "live" recording we ever did. It is one of my top ten favorites songs (as of today).... hahaha.

The lyrics are a bit pushy but that was who I was back then. Probably still am secretly....

As you listen to the lead guitar, remember that this was done live, with three guys playing in a very small garage outside my apartment, about 2 am in the morning back in 1980 or so. Mike played a very sophisticated pile of notes that still amazes me. Milton's bass was solid as I have ever heard it. And my drumming didn't miss a beat. No drugs or alcohol were present. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

(This song also appears on the album on this site called "The Boat Rockers")

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