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Album: Songs For Steve
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Panama Canal Zone
Released: Jan 26, 2013
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 The Moon Rises (1971)
2 Is It Only Time? (1972)
3 Lost Mountain Rag (1972)
4 Bad Times Always End (1972)
5 Right Through You (1971)
6 Sailing Fast (1972)
7 Give Up And Live (1971)

Liner Notes

These are the earliest recordings I have of any of my songs. They are songs that were almost all recorded by my childhood chum, Steve Nellis. He used a Sony Cassette player and apparently two mics. One caught most of the guitar (usually), and one caught most of the vocal (usually). I had to resing on some years later and added a few harmonies too, but for the most part they were recorded pretty much live and all at once, with me on guitar, singing, with a harmonica holder around my neck. Steve had the equipment and was eager to do it. They would not have been recorded without him.

A few have John Carney playing bass and Bill Kelly on bongos. Not sure who played the recorder on "Right Through You"... hahah... All were recorded somewhere in the Former Canal Zone sometime around 1972. I was about 18 or 19 years old. These are my first real recordings and you can hear it in my voice too. So innocent back in those days.... Growing up never changes. It's always hard. Then you have to deal with growing old.

Several other songs were recorded by Steve back then, but they are on the album on this site called "Pana Mama" because their theme was directly related to Panama. My favorite song on this album is the last one. I almost did not find it because it was lost in a jumble of past cassettes.

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