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Single: Rock And A Hard Place
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Choke Monkey Lounge
Released: Jan 13, 2013
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Rock And A Hard Place

Liner Notes

Milton Gore and I wrote this song together in 1986 and recorded it at the Choke Monkey Lounge studio in Raleigh NC, three years before the Stones came out with a similar song with the same name. The same thing happened to us with our band called "Nevermind" that Kurt Cobain used two decades later. Same with song called "Touch and Go" by the Cars. There were more like this too... I wrote a song called "Come As You Are" and Cobain wrote one by the same name years later. I began playing "Blue Skies" by Irving Berlin and two years later Willie Nelson recorded it. There were more like this, but I can't remember them now...

Milton sings this one and even sounds like Jagger. Then he and I trade licks at the end of the song on guitars. Cool old song. All I had to do was re-master the old cassette that it was on from way back then, otherwise it is pretty much untouched. It also appears on the album on this site called "Choke Monkey Music"...

The song was copyrighted in 1986. Milton is on bass, I'm on drums, and we're both playing guitars. It was recorded "live" even though in stages. We had some friends in the background somewhere along the way clapping and hollering too...

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