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Single: Heart Throb City
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Choke Monkey Lounge
Released: Jan 8, 2013
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Heart Throb City

Liner Notes

This song was written in a fit of frustration. I wanted what I could not have. Like working all week and not getting paid...

My pal Milton Gore played bass (I think) and I played all the rest. If you give a monkey enough ink, paper, type writers and time, he'll eventually recreate the World Book Encyclopedia word for word. I guess that's how I made it through this song...

Recorded at the Choke Monkey Lounge in Raleigh NC. Amazing how good it still sounds after all these years in a trunk, hiding on a crappy little cassette. This song is also included in the album on this site called Choke Monkey Music.


Heart Throb City

Who knows if you're ready or you're not

My face is burning I'm afraid

What now that you put me on the spot?
Like working all  week and not getting paid

You're slow so I am too

And though I'm wild, there's nothing I should fix

Tie me up, and run me through

It hurts too good to be another nowhere trip

Cause I need a friend in Heart Throb City
Give me a spin, I'm pounding ready
And I'm looking in to Heart Throb City

Heart Throb City, heart throb
Darling, will you please?

Darling, will you please?

I wind out every gear I've got

You shoot blanks but you're mean on the draw

This thumpin' heart moans romance and spouts

Off to the world, I am caught in the raw, raw, raw

© 1978 Rooting Star Productions/ 1982 Collected Songs Vol. 1/ Fielding Darden/ Raleigh, NC

Milton Gore played bass, Mike Haskins played background rhythm guitar, Fielding played lead guitar and real drums and sang.

One of my favorite all-time songs. It was about Lisa Hart.

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