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Single: Alcohol of Fame
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Rooting Star Productions
Released: Jan 6, 2013
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Alcohol of Fame

Liner Notes

On our first "pilgrimage" to Colorado around 1977, Milton Gore and I stopped one night at a campsite in Salinas Kansas. There around the fire, we met an old man who had this idea for a song. He called it "Alcohol of Fame". He had no tune or lyrics, just an idea. With my dog Pud running around the camp fire chasing rocks and bottle caps, we drank and sang most of the night away.

The next morning, we packed it up and continued towards Fort Collins, Colorado where we intended to become famous recording artists... I later penned these lyrics and came up with this melody. As far as I know, it was long before anyone else had done so elsewhere... Milton and I recorded it back in NC in 1985 several years later. I knew the fellow's name who came up with the idea and kept it with the song for a very long time, but somewhere along the way, I lost it. Anyway, here's to you, old man.

Also available on the album on this site called "Out Of Time"...

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