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Single: Rowboat Ride
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Choke Monkey Lounge
Released: Jan 1, 2013
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Rowboat Ride

Liner Notes

This song was co-written by Milton Gore and me sometime in the late 70's. It is one of the few he and I ever wrote together. I lost the only recording I had of it and wished for years I still had it. It was a hard song to produce originally, using sound effects and four track reel to reel equipment.

One day, Milton called me up and said he had found a copy of the song on an old cassette. Unbelievably, it was still in pretty good condition. So I copied the song to my Pro Tools program and sang along with it to boost the vocals that had dropped out over time. Then re-mixed it and put it back into an MP3 format.

The story the song tells is the result of a lazy afternoon Milton and I spent floating down a lovely little river in a small boat in North Carolina. We didn't make it to the ocean that day, but I did in my dreams... I suppose that's why I have included this song in the album on this site entitled 'Pana Mama'... hope you like it.

Also available on the album on this site called "Pana Mama"...