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Album: The Boat Rockers
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The Boat Rockers
Released: Dec 27, 2012
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Teenage Hurricane
2 Hung Up On You
3 Lunch Box
4 My Girlfriend Is A Rock
5 Strange Movie
6 Guns And Bullets
7 Temperature Rising
8 I Can't Get Enough Of You
9 Just Another Girl
10 I Can't Put My Finger On It
11 Holding Out For You

Liner Notes

The Boat Rockers were tops... I'll tell ya all about it someday when I think you can handle it.

Fielding Darden on drums and vocals

Milton Gore on bass and vocals

Mike Haskins on guitar and vocals

Formed in early 80's and lasted about two or three years. Very well known in Raleigh during that time. Voted "Best Band of the Year" by Spectator Magazine (Raleigh Durham Triangle Mag).

I used to live in Boylan Heights, which is an old Raleigh NC neighborhood located between the State Prison and the State Nut House (Dorothea Dix Hospital). While there, I created an almost sound proof room out of an old garage behind the apartment I rented on Park Avenue. Using an old Teac 4 Track Sony Machine, I recorded a huge number of songs both in the apartment and in that garage, which over time became known as 'The Choke Monkey Lounge'... It was also while I was in this location that I met Mike Haskins, who joined me and my pal Milton Gore to form The Boat Rockers, probably the best band I was ever a part of. Mike was so good on guitar that I went back to drums (my first instrument) and Milton played bass. All great old songs.

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