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Single: Sunday 1895
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Fishing Creek Productions
Released: Dec 20, 2012
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Sunday 1895

Liner Notes

Moving song about life on the Outer Banks of North Carolina in the late 1800's. When birds and preachers were 'migrational' and times were very, very harsh. When people stuck together. When Jesus was still valued. Take a listen. Very sophisticated playing between the dobro and the lead guitar. Touching song that seems timeless in nature. I love the part about the family "having dinner on the lawn"... also the fact that old Romey Tye finally accepts Christ at the end of his life. He died (in the book) later that afternoon, looking out across the sound, after dinner on the lawn.

Ryan Baysden and his mother, Taffy, sang most of this song. Kristin Kanady and I sang harmonies. Mark Pittman played guitar, with Charles Smith on bass. Clyde Mattocks played dobro. All but Kristin and I were from the shore where the song was based.

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