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Album: Choke Monkey Lounge
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The Choke Monkey Lounge
Released: Nov 25, 1985
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 I Can't Get Enough Of You
2 What Does It Take To Get To You?
3 For Goodness Sake
4 Heart Throb City
5 Rock And A Hard Place
6 Little Laurel
7 Nature Of The Beast
8 Turning Down
9 Skitso Yoyo
10 I'll Meet Her Someday
11 Terrorism
12 Sam's Song
13 Take Off Your Mask

Liner Notes

I used to live in Boylan Heights, which is an old Raleigh NC neighborhood located between the State Prison and the State Nut House (Dorothea Dix Hospital). While there, I created an almost sound proof room out of an old garage behind the apartment I rented on Park Avenue. Using an old Teac 4 Track Sony Machine, I recorded a huge number of songs both in the apartment and in that garage, which over time became known as 'The Choke Monkey Lounge'...

It was also while I was in this location that I met Mike Haskins, who joined me and my pal Milton Gore to form The Boat Rockers, probably the best band I was ever a part of. Mike was so good on guitar that I went back to drums (my first instrument) and Milton played bass.

Most of these songs, however, are just Milton and me.

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