Album Cover
Album: The Forty Fives
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Rooting Star Productions
Released: Oct 30, 1978
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Heart Throb City
2 Half Lives
3 You're Really Girl
4 Down And Dirty
5 Why Worry
6 Back Pocket Fool
7 Ms. Confidential
8 Reaction

Liner Notes

These songs are from the days prior to CD's. Some are pretty rough, which is why I have put them at the bottom of my site. But a few are actually exceptional for their time. We had 8 track machines back then but I chose the 45 RPM format for these eight songs for some reason. You can still hear the snaps and crackles of the vinyl on the songs. I've tried zooming in on the tracks and deleting the pops but there are just too many. You'll get used to them and think it's people clapping...

My brother, Don Darden, funded this year of effort in 1978. He had just come home from Viet Nam and was happy to hear his brother's songs. In turn, I gave him the rights to Fountain Of My Youth that appears as a song and video elsewhere on this site. Thanks, Don. Here's to you.

On the black and white photo of me looking to the right, I was looking at a girlfriend who meant very much to me... Lisa Hart. I hope she is doing well somewhere today.

On the one in blue, I was at Pullen Park in Raleigh NC being goofy as usual.

The one of my dog Pud is a classic. That is one half of a cinder block in his mouth. When he died, he had ground down almost all of his teeth chasing and eating rocks. He would go into the garbage, go past the chicken bones, and find a bottle cap to come out and spit it on me. Then I'd toss it somewhere across the room and he'd go get it. He would chew on it and play that game with me until it was gone... down his throat. Many people loved that dog. I still get sentiments on FB to this day... and he died in the eighties...

The one of me on the cow sign is hard to live down. I was standing on two tiny bolts left and right below the sign... about five feet off the ground. How I did not slip and cut the crap out of my leg on a bolt, I do not know...

Anyway, these are old recordings and old songs. They were not very well recorded and my singing is pretty rough on some of them. Most were recorded all at once, with very little multi-tracking as they are done today. They were also recorded out of town without the opportunity or money to go back and fix anything. Not my best effort, but they are worth listening to. Cool old stuff. Hope you like them...

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