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Album: In My Father's House
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Fishing Creek Productions
Released: Dec 25, 2003
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Holy Fire Zone
2 He Is Worth Of More
3 In My Father's House
4 Everything's Gonna Be Just Fine
5 Smack In The Middle Of It
6 Take My Hand
7 Hideaway
8 Grace Place
9 I Wanna Walk Your Ways
10 I Just Can't Wait
11 Calvary
12 Hear The Bells That Ring On Christmas Day

Liner Notes

This is the church in which I found my way to Jesus. It is located in Balboa Canal Zone Panama, where I was born and grew up. It is still standing and being used on a daily basis today. My mother commissioned a Panamanian artist named Marco Ernesto to paint it for our family, and the picture hung in our home for years. It still hangs on my brother's wall in Florida.

I'd like to thank several friends for their contributions on this CD that we recorded in the early 2000 era... Chris Kisgen and his friend, Jason Wilson who sang on 'Hideaway'. Mllton Gore played a little everywhere. Kristin Kanady sang all the lovely high harmonies. Mary Ellen Yager sang lead on In My Father's House. Jimmy Chalmers sang lead on I Wanna Walk Your Ways and some of the other songs, and was my pastor and is still my good friend. Mark Pittman from Salter Path played lead guitar throughout the album, with Jim Hill playing lead on He is Worthy of More.

Mick Purdy played wonderful piano and organ parts. Clifton Preddy played on-the-spot fiddle. Bill McDonald recorded most of the basic tracks for me at his studio in Garner, and made sure the project did not evaporate into cyber space. I then finished the rest of it at my studio on Fishing Creek in Oxford NC. Zach Darden sang his first vocal lead on "You Long Ago Went All The Way"...  And I think I played harmonica, mandolin, guitar, and sang on most of the rest... a great effort for its time. Honest lyrics and subject matter.

This was a 'deeper' album than I realized, now looking back. Hope you like it too. Take time to read the lyrics as the songs are playing. Peace....




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