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Album: Just In Time
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Blue Creek Valley Farm
Released: Oct 9, 2011
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Boom Boom Boom
2 Born To Love
3 I Ain't Waitin' On A Woman
4 I Couldn't See That I Was Blind
5 I Will Never Forget Tonight
6 Just In Time
7 My World
8 I Don't Want To Run Away
9 Under Holy Water
10 Twenty Years Ago

Liner Notes

Just in time? For who?

Some things come around just at the right time, and some things leave just at the right time. The trouble is trying to figure out whether the good times are coming or going... There is a song on this album that has a line in it that says we won't get our 'train ticket' until just before the 'train' leaves town.

Did the little seal get away, or did the shark get lunch?

This album was recorded at the same time as Time Machine, sometime around 2008 or so... There are some more personal songs on this album however.

Chris Kisgen once again oiled the way with killer guitar sounds and ideas. Long time band buddy Milton Gore played some hot stuff here and there too. I will continue to work with these two guys the rest of my life, Lord willing. Thanks to both.

I would have the song just right and Chris would come up with another guitar idea. I'd try to nix it until he finally asked me one day... "Have I ever added a guitar part that you did not use?"

That was pretty profound. I let him do just about anything he wanted after that, especially since he was driving an hour once or twice a week for a year or more for free, just because he loved me and my tunes. We would play, get high, and laugh, laugh, laugh, even during the serious songs. Sometimes cry too. We were both going through divorces at the time. We were getting healed. We didn't have many options, but we had music, and we both believed that God would heal us.

I have songs and organization and recording skills. Chris has ideas and great young guitar fingers. Milton has experience. (He was in the middle of a divorce too.)

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