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Album: Pana Mama
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La Boca Boy Music
Released: Apr 3, 1953
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Fountain Of My Youth 1980
2 I Don't Know Where 1967
3 Sails Along the Coast 1978
4 Sold Joe 1978
5 Woman Cry 1972
6 Fishing With Bobby Whitehead 2010
7 Panamana Saltwater Fishing Rag Time 1978
8 Rowboat Ride 1980
9 Sails Along the Coast 2011
10 Racing and Spinning 1973
11 Mango 1975

Liner Notes

This album is obviously still being added to... so listen to what you want to, but remember to come back to see what has been added as time goes by...

Note: Rather than repeat everything here that is already elsewhere on this website under my Video and Marco Cholo areas, let me just say that growing up in the Panama Canal Zone was a trip. It was a time capsule for sure. Once our parents got down there, they forgot about the USA. Sure, we went back "home" on vacation every other summer, and my parents planned a retirement up there, but Panama was FUN !! It was fun for all of us. And without realizing it, it became home to us in a way that not one of us has ever been able to escape.

To this day there is a group called The Panama Canal Society that has a huge nation-wide reunion in Florida, and many smaller state-wide reunions annually around the country. These are all well-attended by thousands of "Twilight Zonians"...  and don't even mention Face Book. Thousands of us are interconnected there too.

Think about it... you had to be someone of pretty good importance to get a job down there, so all the parents were hard-working good people. Then we had incredible schools, not to mention the beaches, huge Gatun Lake, jungles, oceans, mountains, bargain shopping, and the innate beauty of the place. Imagine young people coming there from the USA since 1901, raising families, living there for 30 years, then moving back to the states. Thousands of us did that year after year for almost a century, not to mention the military families that came and went (about 10,000 per year). The legacy built up. But it all ended for us Zonians in 1999 when Carter's treaty sent us all a'packing. Now we are dying. But in the meantime... we are all remembering too....

Visit this site for more information about the former Panama Canal Zone and its friendly neighbors:

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