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Album: Will This Town Survive?
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Blue Creek Valley Farm
Released: Sep 1, 2006
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 The Salter's Story
2 Strollin' Down A Sunny Stretch Of Beach
3 Don't You Want To Go To Glory
4 I Wanna Go Feeshin'
5 Welcome Aboard
6 Ding Dang Dong
7 Let The Rain Come Down
8 Here In Friendly Salter Path
9 Will This Town Survive?
10 Romey Tye Frost
11 Bogue Isle Belle
12 Sunday 1895
13 The Women Of Salter Path
14 The Salter Path Book

Liner Notes

This album will take you on an historic journey through time, through the lives of people living in a small fishing village off the coast of North Carolina, called Salter Path. The CD comes with a 60 page book of pictures and stories too! To see this picture and others associated with this project go to my Picture link/button and you will easily find that gallery of photos.

This whole project was such a cool adventure. I bought a half acre lot on a whim from a "salter" trying to cash in on the good real estate times in the late 1900's and move to the mainland. His deed to me was very unique. It was new. There was no deed in place before his to me. They had squatted on the land, and until 1976, no one paid taxes. But the county changed all that and forced all squatters to have deeds so they could collect the taxes. Ain't that just like gummit?

In any event, I bought the land and made friends with all these excellent people in the 200 year old town of Salter Path NC. I had written songs about my life and times since I was sixteen, and after about ten years in Salter Path of doing the same, I realized I had a great album in place. So I added a few more tunes, cleaned everything up, wrote a sixty page book with stories and pictures, and published the dang thang. It became very popular and still is. I am very proud of this historical work.

The album is a very unique collection of songs, stories, hearts and souls. Almost all the musicians and singers are from the area, many growing up right on the little sandy street where I purchased and lived. Please give your heart a break and take time to listen to these songs. If you want to buy the original CD with the booklet and everything, call me at 919-624-7905 or email me at Otherwise, listen for free right here, or go to the links provided to buy it.

You can also visit the website where I originally placed this project. Here you can read the entire booklet that comes with the CD:

People to thank: Bill McDonald/engineer and project manager; Mark Pittman/guitars; Kristin Kanady/vocals; Charles Smith/bass, vocals; Dwayne Salter/piano, strings; Amie Millhouser/vocal on Women of Salter Path; Dale Nelson/bass, lead vocal on Will This Town Survive; Ryan Baysden/lead vocal on several songs; Taffy Baysden/vocals; Clyde Mattocks/dobro; Vickie Lewis/photos; Ted Willis/keyboards on Romey Tye Frost; Milton Gore/lead guitar on Romey Tye Frost; Clifton Preddy/violin; Mick Purdy/co-author on Sunday 1895; Zak McLamb/bass on Bogue Isle Belle; Matti Darden/co-author on Let The Rain Come Down.

Thanks so much. Have a great life... !!


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