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Single: Fishing With Bobby Whitehead
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Blue Creek Valley
Released: Jun 9, 2015
Label: Mark Fielding Darden
Track Listing
1 Fishing With Bobby Whitehead

Liner Notes

This song was written for the two best fishing pals a kid could ever have. Robert Vernon Whitehead and Steven Wayne Nellis. We all grew up in the Panama Canal Zone and fished along the banks of the canal, and later in the ocean when we got old enough... like around twelve.

Bobby and I went out about a mile one windy January afternoon in my little tiny 12 foot aluminum boat with a 6 horsepower Johnson and caught mackerels that were schooling in the bay until we ran out of lures. So we ripped our underwear into strips and hung them on the hooks we had left and kept on catching fish.

Bobby and Steve are gone now, but the memories of fishing the La Boca shoreline in Panama will never leave me. All you needed was a fishing pole and a buck. You could buy a whole bag of large shrimp for bait for only 25 cents at the Balboa Yacht Club. Then get a cheese burger and fries with the 75 cents still jingling in your pocket. And we always took fish home to our mothers...

While walking the rocks from La Boca to the yacht club, we'd pull black iguanas out of the boulders and throw them down to the beach, then chase them around with our machetes. They always got away and we'd chase them again going back home.

Life was good in those days. Life was very good in those days. Here's to you, Bobby and Steve !!! I think I'll have a Ron Cortez and coke with a lime from the yard and think of you. You were loved... and still are.

Written in 2010 by Mark Fielding Darden

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